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Northwoods Immunization Coalition

Immunizations help to keep all residents healthy

The Northwood’s Immunization Coalition (NIC) is a partnership consisting of representatives from local health departments, public and private health care providers and local school districts. The NIC was started in 2005 to provide accurate immunization information and to improve childhood and adult immunization levels.

The mission of the NIC to collaborate to decrease vaccine preventable disease by providing community-wide initiatives to improve immunization rates, educate the public and offer training to health care providers.

Three goals were identified by the coalition members:

  1. Increase immunization rates among all ages;
  2. Educate consumers, health care providers, schools and the media;
  3. Provide trainings for health care providers on the most current recommendations and best practice for immunizations.

For more information, please contact Melissa Bryner by phone at 715-369-6118 or email [email protected]

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