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Dental Health

The role of public health is to ensure the people and their children residing in our county have access to what they need to live a healthy life. People residing in Oneida County cannot be healthy without good oral health. Oneida County Health Department has several programs to help the children residing in our county achieve optimal health. Fluoridation is the least expensive and most effective way to reduce tooth decay. In Oneida County the city of Rhinelander is the only city that fluoridates their water supply so if you do not live in the Rhinelander City limits your child may need fluoride supplements.

Fluoride supplements are available to you through the Oneida County Health Department (OCHD) for children ages 6 months to 16 years old. Private well water can be tested by obtaining a well water test kit from the Oneida County Health Dept. or the WIC program. The report includes the amount of naturally occurring fluoride in your well water. You can then get fluoride supplements through the OCHD to ensure that your child is getting the correct amount of fluoride for strong healthy teeth. OCHD is also part of the Northwoods Dental Project. The Northwoods Dental Project provides; dental sealants & fluoride varnishes for children, oral health exams & risk assessments of children’s teeth @ Early Head Start, Head Start, Daycares & School Districts, Seal-A-Smile program offered to 2nd & 6th grade students. Northwoods Dental Project services are provided by licensed Dental Hygienists & Community Dental Volunteers.

For more information on the Northwoods Dental Project serving Florence, Forest, Oneida and Vilas counties click here.  Information specific to Oneida County can also be found by contacting Health Department at 715-369-6111 or [email protected].

Click here for more information on fluoride supplementation.

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