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DNR Public Drinking Water Supply

DNR water results for Public Water Supply Systems can be found on the DNR website.

Simply fill out the Query information:

  • Name Line:   Type first letter of your facility name
  • DNR ID:  Leave blank
  • Type:  Scroll down to Transient Non Community and highlight
  • Status:  Active
  • DNR Region:  Leave blank
  • County:  Scroll down to Oneida and highlight
  • Provides water to another system: Leave blank
  • Receives water from another system:  Leave blank
  • Click on find.

Your facility should appear on the screen.  If multiple pages, click Next until you arrive at your page.  Click on your facility. Scroll down and click on bacteriological or non bacteriological results.

* Note:  It may take a week or longer for results to be posted.

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