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Fit Families

Fit Families for ages 2-4 is a free incentive-based program that provides the framework for achieving healthy food and beverage consumption, daily physical activity, and healthy supportive environments.  Fit Families strives to prevent childhood overweight/obesity, an ever-growing problem here in the United States.

  • Make Every Bite Count – More fruits & vegetables
  • Make Every Sip Count – More healthy beverages
  • Move More – Watch less
  • Eat Healthy, Be Active – Your kids are watching

How Does It Work:

It’s simple!  Your child (ages 2-4) will be enrolled during an appointment with a Fit Families coordinator and can then choose one of the core messages listed above to work on for the year.  Each month your Fit Families Coordinator will contact you via the method you prefer (enrollment lasts for one year).  The best part is you and your child will receive fun, activity based incentives to assist you in reaching your new healthy goals.

Click here for a list of free or low cost activities you can do in Oneida County with your family.

For more information, please contact us at 715-369-6263.

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