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Spring of 2022 Nursing Intern Project – “You Matter!” by Brooke Lieder

Mental health is important for all individuals, and mental health is not an area that can be improved with just one session, one pill, or one treatment. Everyone is affected by mental health differently. Life experiences, inherited illness, and the perception of the individual varies from case to case. By providing information, normalizing the topic, and finding specific interventions are key to increasing knowledge and awareness.

I’ve completed some research on evidence-based practice information for eight different topics. The topics that I chose are topics that might not be the most well-known. We are all familiar with the term’s depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc. However, topics like suicide survivors’ recommendations, sleep, and community interventions are topics that perhaps, not everyone has a clear understanding of. My eight EBP research articles are aimed to provide education to the community to increase knowledge base and encourage individuals to seek help.

I also created a poster board and flyer that show cases the research articles in an eye-catching way. I have utilized bright colors on a black poster board. This choice was to promote the incidence of someone stopping to review the board. The board also includes a flyer which lists in detail different mental health diagnoses, and names and contact information of available provider options locally. We see a lot of patients from the UP of Michigan at the local psychiatric unit that I work on. I felt it equally important to list names and contact information for providers in the UP, as many individuals live close to the boarder, and locations in the UP will be easier for these individuals to access.

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